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Meme Mashup Photo Booth - Fun Image Editor-icon Meme Mashup Photo Booth - Fun Image Editor by goa14

So easy to use!!! Made for iOS7 for sure..Very cool all the options to export too.

262 days and 5 hours ago

AllTrans - wifi transfer photos between iOS device and computer-icon AllTrans - wifi transfer photos between iOS device and computer by transyo

As an iPhone wifi transfer app, AllTrans works to transfer photos, music, videos, PDF files and all other kinds of files between iPhone and computer only through wifi without USB cable, iTunes or any other extra software.

With the built-in music/ video player, PDF reader and the photo viewer, you can enjoy files transferred directly with AllTrans. Other files which can not be played directly on AllTrans can also be opened by other third-party apps through open in function.

281 days and 20 hours ago

FollowLife-icon FollowLife by bradontom

Create and share beautiful themed photo art scrapbooks. Powerful feature-filled editing and effects. Easily organize and brighten your world with the followlife app

283 days and 15 hours ago

Bejeweled 2-icon Bejeweled 2 by springlg

I have played the older Bejeweled but not the second one. Going to give it a try later today

285 days and 6 hours ago

Evernote-icon Evernote by flint

I like it's platform independence. Often find myself switching between iOS, Android and Windows - the notes travel!

332 days and 15 hours ago

Angel Cat return home-icon Angel Cat return home by garlandsjpnet

You can make a variety of jumps, including boost jumps and double jumps.

355 days and 19 hours ago

My Hungry Fish-icon My Hungry Fish by robert01234

this is a nice game. Play it and rate and review! Wanna share reviews? Then contact with me: [email protected]


363 days and 20 hours ago

TvWolf-icon TvWolf by tvwolf

Amazing app to share movie and TV show posters on instagram and twitter!

364 days and 7 hours ago

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