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LightBomber-icon LightBomber by anniegracej

the Lightbomber app by MRI Lightpainting is awesome!! It uses a custom long exposure camera and lights that create brilliant light trails, light graffiti and night life portraits. Then, pictures can be shared with the LightBomber community.

Best part: The app is available for free today!

Also, for you readers in New York, MRI Lightpainting will be at the art & tech festival put on by the MTV O music awards & L magazine in Dumbo (Brooklyn) NYC TODAY!

Light painting photo booth provided by MRI Lightpainting using their crazy light painting app Lightbomber will allow attendees to get their very own light portraits. Light bomb the night and dance the day away at Dumbo Summer Friday!

Find the app here:

2 years and 3 days ago

ThunderTask-icon ThunderTask by visu

Great app for task management! I use it as my todo list manager, there is also a website at, I use it at work to manage my business tasks. Amazing!

2 years and 8 days ago

iScanner (Scan, Fax, Print and Create Multi-page PDF Documents)-icon iScanner (Scan, Fax, Print and Create Multi-page PDF Documents) by faisalfaroqui

you can also join our hand on []Facebook[/url]

2 years and 18 days ago

Catch_Me-icon Catch_Me by bn_jamal

It's an amazing game! awesome <3<3

2 years and 19 days ago

Numbers-icon Numbers by proctic

lol... i'm a heavy numbers user. nevertheless i have to admit that excel is still far more advanced than numbers. it's another question whether the average user actually needs this depth of functionalities.

2 years and 19 days ago

DragonBox+-icon DragonBox+ by tobitron

DragonBox replaces the numbers, letters and signs in algebra with more child-friendly symbols such as funky dragons, cool animals and other engaging characters. Using the medium of a fun game, contemporary designed animation kids quickly learn how symbols can be moved and combined on both sides of a split screen divide that represents the equal sign in an equation. By hiding x, y and other algebraic symbols under a layer of animated gameplay, the software is capable of introducing kids from as young as 8 years of age to the world of Algebra, gradually revealing its underlying mathematical logic to them. The beauty of DragonBox is that although the kids are learning Algebra and complex equations they don´t actually realize it. As far as they are concerned, they are simply having fun working through the different levels of the game. Dragonbox truly makes learning fun, easy and addictive!

2 years and 20 days ago

Facebook-icon Facebook by mbalcom

Not bad...but I find it annoying that you can't change your profile information from the app, or maybe you can, but I certainly can't figure it out. Any ideas?

2 years and 25 days ago

Flipboard-icon Flipboard by mbalcom

Finding an app like this that is also free is a ridiculous steal. A cool concept, beautiful design, damnnnn. My only issue is that it is far too easy to flip and open pages that I don't want to open, but you can hardly complain under a freeware license. A very cool concept, but definitely one that can be built on. I look forward to seeing what the updates will bring.

2 years and 25 days ago

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