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Filthy Bugs-icon Filthy Bugs by sagar

This is great to kill insects as they disturb a lot in regular life. they are not even worthy of killing in real life. its better to kill them in phone.

1 year and 269 days ago

DeathKiss-icon DeathKiss by sagar

The game is very interesting. Scoring highest takes intense concentration for one minute.

1 year and 269 days ago

Lottery Calculator-icon Lottery Calculator by dommom007

I bought this app because my office always pools for the lottery. We always like to see what we would actually win depending on the pool size or the current jackpot. If we ever do win the cha-ching! sound the app makes is going to be the sweetest sound ever!

1 year and 275 days ago

The simple game-icon The simple game by myp

It's simple but it's ok

1 year and 276 days ago

Letter Mania-icon Letter Mania by appuser007

This is a nice new game for word game fans. I used to play Letris and Word Ring but this one is way better. You actually have to form long words in order to score high, the generation of letters is perfect, fluid gameplay, letters of different colors. I hope they add game center support with one of the next updates. Other than this, a really nice game.

1 year and 293 days ago

PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip App-icon PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip App by appavenger

Love this app, never take a long road trip with my kids without it.

1 year and 294 days ago

Happy Words . Unscramble your tiles and win the game!-icon Happy Words . Unscramble your tiles and win the game! by ioneta

Love it. Icon looks great with my Angry Words app...

1 year and 297 days ago

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