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kids story ebook animal pond-icon kids story ebook animal pond by kidsapp

If you and your kids love stories and storytelling, this is the ebook for you! The Animal Pond is an educational story, drawing and coloring app for kids and children.

3 years and 108 days ago

iWatcher remote camera Pro-icon iWatcher remote camera Pro by saiiro

Great app for filming videos from places where you cannot physically be if you know what i mean :) Over wifi, the streaming quality is pretty good and the film can be recorded in HD. Only problem though: can't record the audio feed ...

3 years and 125 days ago

ShifShif Free-icon ShifShif Free by itiziku441

Demo movie here :)

3 years and 149 days ago

Comic Book Hero - Magic Line Rider Game-icon Comic Book Hero - Magic Line Rider Game by paolol

Great app, innovative concept (draw and play mechanic is not super new, but this execution is excellent). FUN. Love the draw your pinball levels...

3 years and 151 days ago

Snap Ghost-icon Snap Ghost by hellosimpson

Really cool app! Good idea!

3 years and 154 days ago

Autoist Diary-icon Autoist Diary by curioussolutions

Please also check out the free version of Autoist Diary app. You can find it at:

Autoist Diary includes feature that enables you to take document snapshots and notes to help with record keeping and quick reference. It has unique features like expense reporting, document storage for vehicle documents such as license, registration, insurance papers etc. With numerous service categories and parts to select from Autoist Diary's expense tracking feature is an app in itself.

Autoist Diary also includes a complete trip manager. Capture day-by-day trip details to create a complete trip map. For business users, travel mileage and fuel consumption data can be used for tax purposes.

3 years and 157 days ago

Brain Blasterz - Sweet Blasterz HD-icon Brain Blasterz - Sweet Blasterz HD by geraint_clarke

Incredible FREE game to download and pass the time with. It exists in the same vein as Atari classics and functions well. The tilt to move function isn't too sensitive, which is nice.

The levels progress quickly which gives the user a real sense of achievement.

Don't read too much into this though, it's perfect for passing the time, or for introducing kids to iPhone and iPad apps, as the control's aren't too complicated.

If you love space, shoot-em-ups and arcade games. Then this is for you.

3 years and 181 days ago

Handwriting-icon Handwriting by iceb

20130602 bad URLs for Download & home page.

3 years and 185 days ago

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