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TurnUpp-icon TurnUpp by xbally

Great way to connect with pals from your Trusted Social Circles

6 days and 6 hours ago

Foodz - Your taste matters-icon Foodz - Your taste matters by jane_austen

Elegant design, clean interface, content focused, and smart food recommendations. That's what this app is about.

12 days and 1 hour ago

Cuggu Social-icon Cuggu Social by vbreslavskyi

Great app! Saves me huge amount of time by having all in one, and also helps improve memory usage and battery life !
Definitely recommend to all who use Social networks and wants to be always in touch

22 days and 9 hours ago

Cuggu Social-icon Cuggu Social by avoloschuk

One of the really best social-aggregator app I ever used.
automativally logs you to all you profiles and allows to see news and notifications in one stream... very cool :)

So it dramatically saves time of social-geeks :)) that like to hang/chat in many networks at a one time) it rocks)

23 days and 6 hours ago

Cuggu Social-icon Cuggu Social by dyuimick

Hmm, really comfortable and easy to use

24 days and 6 hours ago

Cuggu Social-icon Cuggu Social by zavolovich

Very interesting program!!!!

26 days and 14 minutes ago

The minimal desk clock : Linee-icon The minimal desk clock : Linee by h3r3b

I wonder WHY the iPhone doesn't have a built-in desk clock...
Lucky there is this one. Looks gorgeous, perfect for my night table.

29 days and 2 hours ago

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