Taxi Guide

Requires jailbreak (?)

Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2008-08-03 || License: Freeware Developer: Michael Margolis | App Owner: sugarcube

Browse or search through thousands of hot spots in Beijing, read reviews from locals, and show a taxi card so a cab driver can actually take you where you want to go!

If you are about to head to Beijing for the Olympics, you'll need Taxi Guide to enable you to actually go the places you'd like to visit!

The taxi drivers in Beijing rarely speak any English and will likely not understand your attempts to pronounce the Mandarin location names. Because of this, you'll need to show them a Taxi Card - a screen full of Mandarin saying "Hello, I'm going to…", the location name, and the full location address & neighborhood.

Many hotels will give you a physical taxi card (often just a business card) to allow you to get back to your hotel… but now you can have your own taxi card to thousands of locations in the city!

Not sure where to go? Browse the Taxi Guide hierarchy to of locations to find the one you want or search for "Duck" to find all of the great Peking/Beijing Duck places. Many locations have reviews from locals to help you make your decision.

DISCLAIMER: This application is not yet done, the database is not yet complete, many location images are missing, and it has not yet been fully tested. Many many hours at iPhoneDevCamp were put into the making of this application. The icon is temporary.

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sounds like a very cool idea.