Tacts: Smart Contact Manager, Group Text & Email and Favorites

Version: 1.6.1 || Release Date: 2014-01-18 || License: Commercial ($1.99) Developer: TernTek MayArt | App Owner: min

Organize your contacts now with Tacts the smartest contacts manager for the iPhone. See video introduction at http://terntek.com

"If you really need to organize your contacts, then let Tacts help you!” - 8.8 / 10
-- Xiao Bian, iapp

"The app as a whole is designed to be user-friendly, which I think it did very well ... (Top Contacts) can be extremely useful if you have a ton of contacts that you never use" - 4.5/5
-- Christine Chan, AppAdvice

Find your next contact easily, organize contact groups, configure sms favorites, send group text and more!
Tacts Pro is a contact manager that combines smart features, comprehensive group management and an elegant user interface to make connecting easy.

❖❖❖ Top Contacts ❖❖❖
✏ Easy access to your next call.
- provides a list of top contacts based on call history and location.
- can help you identify who should be on your favorites list.
- lists top contacts within each group to minimize scrolling.

❖❖❖ Groups Management ❖❖❖
✏ Organize contacts for easy recall.
- allows you to create custom groups on the go.
- sorts contacts within a group by name, company, city or state.
- enables you to send Group Emails.
- additionally for iOS4.0: Group Text / SMS messages.

❖❖❖ Smart Groups ❖❖❖
✏ Groups that organize themselves.
- automatically manages contacts within a group through user defined rules.
- allows you to match a contact's name, address, company, note, phone or email.

❖❖❖ Multi-action Favorites ❖❖❖
✏ One tap to connect.
- provides favorites that call, text, email or map a contact.

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