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Version: na || Release Date: 2008-08-03 || License: Freeware Developer: na | App Owner: oddboy

Citizen reporting of disaster information

During large-scale disaster situations traditional citizen->gov't communications systems such as 911 are overloaded. Our lets citizens get image data tagged (geo and linguistic) and into a system which can be utilized by disaster management agencies.

One area of innovation is our tag prediction UI. We do this to reduce the amount of typing it takes to properly tag an image. In the middle panel of our screen shot notice the tag 'brushfire' yields a predicted set of 'fire, smoke, losangeles, california, wildfire'.

From the iPhone the organized photos go up to our server, which outputs geoRSS streams organizable by user or tag. The data can be imported into GIS systems such as Google Earth, as well as Common Operating Picture systems used by organizations such as the Red Cross or fire departments.

In a recent training exercise in San Diego our team imaged an IRL brush fire and got the data displayed in the command center 30 miles away within two minutes.

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