MagicTable developer toolkit

Requires jailbreak (?)

Version: 1.0b || Release Date: 2008-08-03 || License: BSD License Developer: Frolicware/Ramin Firoozye | App Owner: raminf

Build data-driven iPhone user-interfaces

MagicTable is a simple yet powerful CocoaTouch developer library for building dynamic iPhone application user interfaces. If your application needs the user to enter data or make choices that you present in tabular form, then MagicTable is for you.

It allows the developer to build complex hierarchical table views with a simple XML configuration file, removing the need to write any table code. Individual cell entries can contain any of:

- Text/password fields
- Buttons
- Color swatch/RGB color
- Images
- Phone numbers
- Date/Time/Date-time
- Sliders
- On/off switches/choice list

In addition to the standard iPhone value editors (text keyboard, date/time pickers) MagicTable also offers a custom RGB picker and a phone number entry dial-pad.

One of the key advantages of MagicTable is support for multiple screens that can be chained together to handle complex, layered interfaces. Calling applications can set/retrieve data via a simple dictionary or by providing a callback to be notified of user changes.

The configuration file itself can be loaded statically, via the network, or generated on-the-fly, for truly dynamic interfaces. An experimental mechanism is also provided for using MagicTable to build 'form-entry' screens on top of external data sources to create, delete, edit, and select records.

Check the screenshot for sample output. Full source code for the library will be released as open-source under a BSD license when the NDA has lifted.

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