LotBraining Mental Training for Personal Development

Version: 2.0.0 || Release Date: 2013-10-11 || License: Commercial ($9.99) Developer: © 2010-2011 LotBraining GmbH | App Owner: systemdes

LotBraining: based on more than a decade of coaching and training.

LotBraining is based on more than a decade of practical experience in coaching and training. LotBraining utilizes mental training techniques originally developed by NASA in their space exploration program.

LotBraining's application areas range from the use for relaxation and focusing before a crucial meeting to a comprehensive personal development training program. LotBraining's reminder and note functions assist in creating and executing personal training plans.

LotBraining provides mental support in mastering both life's everyday and all-important situations. The seven training modules open up avenues to focus on the chosen aspects and to streamline one's own mental processes. By means of a pulsating symbol utilized in every training unit, one's concentration powers are unleashed to focus upon the sole and positive thought.

What makes LotBraining so special is the unique mental training system for personal development that can be used anywhere and at any time on iOS devices like the iPhone.

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