Version: 2.0.6 || Release Date: 2013-08-28 || License: Commercial ($0.99) Developer: Phasic Labs | App Owner: phasiclabs

Hexius, the addictive, fast-paced & unique 2D action-puzzler, with 3 fun game modes, global/friends scores, weekly score challenges, and achievements.

3 adrenaline fuelled game modes will have you racing against the clock to get as high a score as possible, or reach a new highest level, in this unique action-puzzler.

Time Attack Mode - connect matching hexagons as fast as possible, until time runs out - the faster you play, the higher the score multiplier goes!

Level Challenge Mode - collect all the targets to move onto progressively harder levels. The faster you go, the more time is carried over to the next level - find out how far can you go before time runs out!

Strategy Mode - take your time to work how to get the best score in 30 moves, making the best use of Multiplier bonuses.

Online score tables - Log in to OpenFeint to enter weekly score challenges, see all-time high scores, check global scores, and check your achievements.
Import your Facebook or Twitter friends to share scores.

Bonuses - make use of Bomb, Reveal, and Freeze bonuses to maximize your scores.

Tutorials - hints and tips show you the best ways to create bonuses and get higher scores.

Addictive gameplay - with simple rules, Hexius will appeal to the casual player and puzzle lovers, whilst the subtle tactics required to get really high scores will intrigue the more advanced gamer.

With it's psychedelic visuals, great sound effects, and gameplay suited to both beginners and experts, Hexius will keep you coming back for more.

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